Thursday, December 26, 2013

Horse Emerges

Horse emerges from vulva. First poem of the
night. From a moist and absolute
darkness come the shining horses. The
stone explodes sensation I am galloping
like  orgasm a spray of heat sweat becomes
the body of stars. This is the imagination
of the first night.
And the skull, with horses kicking inside
it, splattering rock and flesh (so it
thinks) of thunder of thought of words
dust of expanding nebulae
In the dark, escape enormous walls of
deranged calcium
a black abdominal time bulge outward spasms
become huge space of utterance
spew out spew out Luminous and swirl of
atoms from crotch and throat of, sweating
Whirling hooves of galaxy lungs clouds
blood slime solitude of matter
crack the pelvis of great darkness who
gives birth to all this
                                                    In the beginning,
each 12 billion years of 150,000 years
when the horse kicks, thrashes, explodes its
dark  head kicking out of many stars
into/against so many stars
becomes the dream of loneliness Repeat
the pelvic bone of darkness almost cracked
with such poetry
I sprawl, lolling blue tongues, silence
bruised by imagination
Hairy cunt mouth shattering with words,
worlds pour out. This is the subject of
the first night.


                                                                                              © Barbara Mor 2013